All about protein shot

protein without all the extras


Protein shots are just about to hit the world. They are small and fast – very FAST. Unlike traditional protein powder, that has volume and is slower to absorb (and to work), protein shot is small and fast-acting. Cheap protein has got as little to do with protein as orange-juice has with orange.

Protein shots are small because unnecessary extras have been removed.


You don’t need protein drinks. You just need protein.

Protein shots are about protein, and therefore there is no fat, carbs, sugar or lactose. That not only makes the protein shot much smaller than protein drinks – it also makes it faster acting.

Protein shots are all about protein. You don’t need protein shakes or protein bars; you just need protein! That’s why the extras have been removed; to give your body the best possible protein – fast!

Before you know it the protein shot is on its way into your body to do its job. What its job is you can read on the ‘benefits’ section.